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As a very first intro to phage therapy and also to much better comprehend what is at stake within Phagoburn, you can see the documentary broadcast on September 11th, 2013 (in French) on 36.9 ° (Swiss TV Health Programme on RTS), in which Phagoburn is presented. Jérôme Larché (Phagespoirs), Gregory Resch as well as Yok-Ai Que (CHUV) participate to this programme.You can additionally enjoy the more recent tale program on Arte in February 2015 (in French), including interviews of Jérôme Gabard (Pherecydes Pharma), Patrick Jault (Percy) blog and also Audrey Larrieu (Clean Cells).

You might additionally download journalism Launch prepared by the Consortium for the introducing of the project (either in French or in English).

Video clip product
— Watch the narrative on Tidy Cells and Phagoburn, program on France 3 (French TV) in September 2016. The job is presented by Olivier Boisteau (Clean Cells).

— A story on phage treatment, including Phagoburn was broadcast on the national French TV news (TF1) in February 2016. Jérôme Gabard and Guillaume L’Hostis (Pherecydes Pharma) are talked to.

— Enjoy the tale broadcast on Arte (French-German television network) in February 2015, offering bacteriophages and phage treatment. Phagoburn is stimulated, and also the program includes interviews of Jérôme Gabard (Pherecydes Pharma), Patrick Jault (Percy) and also Audrey Larrieu (Clean Cells).

— View the French docudrama “Cent is sorry for M. d’Herelle”, composed by Serge Fortuna & Jérôme Fourment, routed by Jérôme Fourment as well as generated by Octopussy Production. Launched in June 2014, this documentary on phage therapy relates the tale of Serge Fortuna, that took a trip to Georgia to find a method to treat his Staphylococcus aureus infection. It consists of an interview of François Ravat (Saint Luc/ Saint Joseph Medical Facility), who evokes Phagoburn. Likewise see the broadcast released after the documentary first forecast (in French), in which Phagoburn is additionally mentioned.

— Enjoy the story broadcast in March 2014 (in French) on Canal 9 (Swiss television, TV Wellness Programme L’antidote). Gregory Resch as well as Yok Ai-Que (CHUV) existing Phagoburn, particularly the intended professional trial.

— View the story broadcast in February 2014 on France 3 nationwide news (French television, starts at 6′ 43). François Ravat (CHSJSL) especially offers phage treatment as well as PhagoBurn.

— Enjoy the full docudrama program in September 2013 (in French) on Swiss television (36.9 ° TV Health And Wellness Programme). CHUV and Phagespoirs are part of this broadcast.

— See Jérôme Gabard (Pherecydes) treatment at the 20th Biennial Evergreen International Phage Satisfying (August 2013).

— See the story program in May 2013 (in French) on RTS (Swiss television). CHUV contributed to the making of this story.

Radio product
— In September 2016, a radio report on the raising resistance to prescription antibiotics at world level was transmitted on France Society (French public radio), throughout “The Scientific Technique” programme. Meetings of Guy-Charles de La Horie, Cindy Fevre and also Mathieu Médina (Pherecydes Pharma) are consisted of and the Phagoburn test is stimulated.

— A short radio record on phage treatment was broadcast in March 2016 on France Information (French public radio). Phagoburn is pointed out.

— A radio record combined with a composed short article was broadcast/ published on the Swedish public radio in October 2015. The writer spoke with both Patrick Jault and also Thomas Leclerc (Percy hospital).

— A radio report on Phagoburn was broadcast first on the Austrian public radio on September 11 and afterwards on the Bavarian branch of ARD German public radio on September 14 (2015 ).

— You can pay attention the radio report (in French) program in June 2013 on RTS (Swiss radio), during the CQFD Programme. This report accompanied the introducing of Phagoburn. You will especially hear Patrick Jault (Percy military hospital, Project Coordinator), Gregory Resch as well as Yok Ai Que (CHUV).

Publish media product
— Le Temps (Swiss paper) released a post on phage treatment in February 2017. It especially includes a meeting of Gregory Resch (CHUV) and also points out the Phagoburn study.

— Psychologies (French magazine) published an article on phage therapy in February 2017. Following a meeting of François Ravat (Saint Joseph Saint Luc healthcare facility) it consists of a component on Phagoburn.

— FOCUS (German magazine) released a considerable post on phage therapy in November 2016. Available both on-line and also in the print version of the magazine, this article discusses Phagoburn (complying with an interview of François Ravat, Saint Joseph Saint Luc healthcare facility).

— YLE (Finland nationwide public broadcasting company) released an on-line short article on phage treatment in November 2016. The Phagoburn research is pointed out.

— La Recherche (French monthly publication” released a collection of articles on antibioresistance in its September 2016 version. One write-up, “New strategies, brand-new treatments”, concentrated on alternatives to antibiotics, notably phage therapy. Phagoburn is evoked.

— An interview of François Ravat (Saint Joseph/ Saint Luc health center, Phagoburn Interaction Manager) was published in September 2016 in 3 French regional newspapers: Le Dauphiné Libéré, Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace & Le Progrès.

— Pass Away Welt (German paper) released a short article entitled “Bakteriophagen: Pass away Wundermedizin, pass away aus der Kloake kommt” in August 2016. Concentrated on phage therapy as a feasible choice to anti-biotics in the structure of increasing resistance, it consists of a discussion of Phagoburn.

— Hospimedia (French online source for health center specialists as well as clinicians) released an on-line write-up on phage treatment in August 2016. Jérôme Gabard (Pherecydes) is interviewed as well as the Phagoburn professional test exists. Gain access to Hospimedia website.

— Scientific research released a post focused on Phagoburn in June 2016: “Beleaguered phage therapy trial presses on” (Servick, 352 (6293 ): 1506). This post stimulates the difficulties dealt with by Phagoburn, as the world first medical test on phage treatment. Access the article on Scientific research internet site.

— The Biologist released an article in June 2016, qualified “Coming of Phage”. Phagoburn and Pherecydes Pharma are evoked.

— La Cité (Swiss paper) published an article on phage treatment in June 2016. Jérôme Gabard (Pherecydes Pharma) is interviewed regarding Phagoburn. Access the post on La Cité internet site.

— Ouest-France (French newspaper) released a write-up on phage therapy in May 2016. Phagoburn and Pherecydes Pharma are stimulated.

— In April 2016, The Discussion (independent, non-for-profit on-line media that uses material sourced from the scholastic & study neighborhood) published an exensive post on phage treatment, which stimulates Phagoburn.

— Le Monde (French newspaper) published a post on phage therapy in February 2016. The Phagoburn research study is stated.

— Le Point (French magazine) published an article on phage therapy (February 2016). Pherecydes Pharma, Queen Astrid and the Phagoburn trial are stimulated.

— Le Quotidien du Médecin (French publication) released a post on Phagoburn (February 2016). The Phosa job is likewise presented.

— AFP published a post on phage therapy in February 2016: “Combating infections with infections, as anti-biotics stop working”. Jean-Paul Pirnay (Queen Astrid) is interviewed and also the Phagoburn trial is pointed out.

— The Wall Street Journal published a substantial short article on phage therapy: “To combat Expanding Hazard From Bacteria, Researchers Try Old-Fashioned Killer” in January 2016. The Phagoburn scientific test is defined and also several actors of the project are pointed out: Pherecydes Pharma, Clean Cells, Percy Hospital as well as CHU Nantes.

— La Croix (French paper) released an article on phage treatment in January 2016. Numerous research study jobs are stimulated, including Phagoburn as well as Phosa.

— Science released a post on phage therapy qualified “Phage treatment redux– What is to be done?” in December 2015 (Youthful and also Gill, 350 (6265 ): 1163-1164). The Phagoburn scientific research is briefly stimulated. Accessibility the short article on Scientific research site.

— The Lancet Infectious Diseases released an article on Phagoburn in its December 2015 Quantity (provided in November). Patrick Jault (Percy), Jérôme Gabard (Pherecydes) and also Laurent Bretaudeau (Clean Cells) were interviewed for this short article.

— Daily Scientific research published a write-up (in French) on phage treatment and the Phagoburn scientific trial in November 2015. Serge Jennes, Daniel de Vos & Jean-Paul Pirnay (Queen Astrid) are talked to.

— The French paper Le Figaro released a short article (in French) on Pherecydes Pharma as well as Phagoburn in November 2015. The clinical test exists.

— The German Internet site VDI Nahrichten released a post (in German) on phage therapy on September 2015, which prices quote Jerôme Gabard and also discusses the launch of Phagoburn professional test.

— An on-line short article (in French) qualified “Pherecydes Pharma: en pointe de la phagothérapie” was released by Biotechinfo in September 2015. It details Pherecydes Pharma tasks, consisting of Phagoburn, and collaborations.

— Nature Reviews (Nature Posting Group) released a short article entitled “Bacteriophage treatments re-enter scientific trials” (Katie Kingwell, Nature Reviews Medication Exploration 14, 515– 516) in July 2015. This post presents Phagoburn and its purposes, as well as prices quote Jérôme Gabard (Pherecydes Pharma). You can buy the access to this short article or login on Nature’s internet site.

— The Huffington Message released an article on phage therapy in July 2015. This write-up stimulates Phagoburn as well as Pherecydes Pharma, with interventions from Jérôme Gabard (Pherecydes Pharma).

— Nature News (Nature Publishing Team) released a write-up qualified “Antibiotic options rev up bacterial arms race” (Sara Reardon, Nature 521, 402-403) in May 2015. Phagoburn professional test is quickly pointed out.

— An on the internet write-up (in French) was released in May 2015. Phagoburn clinical test is quickly evoked.

— A short article (in Spanish) was published in the paper El Periodico in March 2015. Phagoburn is pointed out and Gregory Resch (CHUV) is interviewed.

— The Swiss paper Le Temps published a write-up on phage treatment (in French) in March 2015. A huge part of this short article concentrates on Phagoburn, with treatments from Yok-Aï Que and also Gregory Resch (CHUV).

— The French publication “Enquêtes de santé” published a collection of article on phage treatment in March 2015. Jérôme Gabard (Pherecydes Pharma) is notably talked to. Review the dossier (in French).

— A post (in German) was released on phage therapy in SonntagsZeitung (Swiss paper) in February 2015. Phagoburn along with the involvement of CHUV (significantly Yok Aï-Que) is pointed out.

— Two short articles (in French) were published in Les Echos (French paper) in January 2015 and February 2015. The initial one concentrates on Pherecydes Pharma while the 2nd one is tackling phage therapy in a bigger means. Both present Phagoburn and also its goals.

— A post (in French) was published in Le Figaro (French paper) in October 2014. It provides phage treatment all at once as well as points out the Phagoburn Task.

— Nature Information (Nature Posting Team) published an article entitled “Phage therapy obtains revitalized” (Sara Reardon, Nature 510, 15-16) in June 2014. This post evokes Phagoburn, Pherecydes Pharma & CHUV. Download the write-up (PDF).

— A write-up (in French) providing phage therapy was published in Lyon Capitale (French neighborhood newspaper) in May 2014. Saint Joseph/ Saint Luc medical facility centre is pointed out along with Phagoburn.

— Le Monde (French newspaper) released a write-up on phage treatment in January 2014. This write-up consists of a considerable discussion of Phagoburn.

— A write-up (in French) was published in Le Progrès (French newspaper) in January 2014. This post provides Phagoburn and also especially concentrates on Centre hospitalier Saint Joseph et Saint Luc (Lyon) involvement.

— In December 2013, Scientific research et Vie Junior (monthly science magazine dedicated to teens) released an article (in French) presenting specifically the Phagoburn job. Patrick Jault (Percy, Phagoburn coordinator) was significantly associated with the production of this write-up.

— A short article (in French) taking on Statitec participation in Phagoburn was published in November 2013 on the on the internet publication MyPharmaEditions.

— A post (in French) on phage treatment at Queen Astrid military hospital as well as pointing out Phagoburn was published in August 2013 in DBriefing (Belgium Ministry of Protection Journal).

— Jérôme Larché (Phagespoirs) talked about Phagoburn in a meeting released in L’Indépendant (French regional paper) at the end of June 2013.

— Phagoburn was discussed on the website of Maryvonne Blondin, French Legislator (Finistère) and also participant of the Council of Europe. This complies with an oral inquiry on phage treatment that was asked by Maryvonne Blondin in the French Senate in May 2013 as well as which evoked Phagoburn.

— The French competitivity collection Atlanpole Biothérapies published a short article (in French) related to Clean Cells participation into Phagoburn.

Medical test communication
Adhering to the launch of Phagoburn clinical test in July 2015, numerous press articles relayed our official news release (September 2015) around the globe:

— Nature released a short post revealing the launch of the Phagoburn clinical trial (September 16);.

— in the American press, it was relayed by Biospace (September 9) and also Bioworld (September 10);.

— in the British press, it was relayed by Pharmiweb (September 9), Wessex Life Science (September 9) as well as EPMmagazine (September 21);.

— in Germany, it was covered by Pipeline Evaluation (September 11);.

— in France, it was communicated in the specialised press by DH Publication (September 9), Caducee (September 9), France Biotech (September 9), La Gazette du Laboratoire (September 10), MyPharma Versions (September 11), Biotech Info (September 12), Le Quotidien du Médecin (September 21), and also Le Quotidien du Pharmacien (September 24); and also in the local and also nationwide press by Ouest France (September 11) and also Le Point (September 10). It was also stimulated on the French cluster Medicen internet site (September 15);.

— in Asia, it was communicated by Biotech in Asia (October 14);.

— in the international press, it was passed on by Express Pharma (September 10), Microbiome Digest (September 11) as well as (The European Biotech Information Site, September 15).

Additionally, the French magazine “Le Quotidien du Médecin” published a post (subscription called for, September 21) on the study launching, significantly consisting of an interview of Patrick Jault (HIA Percy, Principal Investigator).


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