Cryptosoft Review – Is it Scam?

We have been observing the price trajectory of the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for a while. The trends look great; this is the time for many traders to make money from the cryptocurrency market.

We are particularly impressed by the widespread use of cryptocurrency for purchase and to make payments. Many retail companies have found out that using cryptocurrency is convenient. The more people use cryptocurrency, the higher the chances of making more money as an investor so it is a welcome development.

To help more people get started as investors in the cryptocurrency market we have published our review of Cryptosoft. It is an automated cryptocurrency trader that can be used to make money from the market as companies and individuals use crypto daily.

We decided to review Cryptosoft because it has been the topic of discussion on cryptocurrency forums online. We observed that so many people are making money with Cryptosoft daily.

We need to let more people know that Cryptosoft works and it is a perfect auto trader that they can use to start earning a passive income from the cryptocurrency market.

Conclusion: An outstanding software for beginners and professionals.
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For our new readers, we should give a brief overview of Cryptosoft. The auto trading platform was designed for investors who do not have trading skills but want to make money from the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptosoft has been described by many people, who have made money with the software, as one of the easiest tools to earn a daily profit from the cryptocurrency market. It works automatically, so we know that it is convenient to earn with Cryptosoft

Here is a summary of all the information we gathered during this review;

  • 1). The mainstream investors prefer to use Cryptosoft because it is registered and secure for trading cryptocurrency.
  • 2). Starting with Cryptosoft is affordable because the minimum deposit value is only $250, while the maximum deposit value is $15,000.
  • 3). Cryptosoft has been tested and found to have a win rate of 96%, which means all transactions done by the trading robots for the users will earn a profit.
  • 4). To get started with CryptoSoft please click here.

We read so many good testimonials about Cryptosoft, but to do a comprehensive review my team put sentiments aside and focused on the task ahead. My team was made up of business analysts, cryptocurrency traders, and software engineers, who knew how to use analytics tools perfectly

How Cryptosoft was invented

We discovered that Cryptosoft was created by a team of developers and cryptocurrency trader who needed to establish a secure and open platform for trading cryptocurrency. The goal was to introduce a trading system that could be used by investors who did not have to go through long hours of training to become cryptocurrency traders.

Conclusion: An outstanding software for beginners and professionals.
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How Cryptosoft works

The entire trading system on Cryptosoft is automated. This is what we found out after carefully testing the system. We also discovered why so many people are making money with Cryptosoft every day.

The auto trader works with smart trading robots that are enhanced by an advanced AI-based algorithm. The trading robots perform transactions on behalf of the investors.

When the user activates the live trading feature, the trading robots scan the market in search of offers to sell cryptocurrency at a lower market price. These deals are quickly sealed and the robots hold the crypto until the price rises. Then it is quickly sold to make a profit.

We know that the downturns in the market have not affected the demand for cryptocurrency; this is why so many people are making a profit from the market every day.

We used extensive tools to perform technical analysis that revealed a confluence of market signals. From what we observed the trading features of Cryptosoft are in line with the best-automated trading practices that can possibly make every user richer.

We were also impressed to find out that there are minimal risks when trading with Cryptosoft because the system features a stop-loss button that can be used to set limits during a trading session.

We observed that hundreds of transactions are done on Cryptosoft every day. We found out why this is possible. The trading robots are super-fast, they can perform trades in seconds to start and complete transactions on behalf of the investor.

How to get started with Cryptosoft

We are happy to confirm in this review that it is so easy to get started with Cryptosoft; so many people have already made this statement online. Cryptosoft has been designed with easy to use features that need no specialised skills before they can be used.

  1. Account Registration

We had to register a new Cryptosoft account to test the auto trader’s features. This was an easy process. We entered the account name, email and created a password. We also needed to enter a phone number. To complete the process, we accepted the terms and conditions after reading the document online.

  1. Making a Deposit

The next step after creating an account is making a deposit. We found multiple payment options to make a quick deposit into our account. For this test, my team chose to deposit $250 into our Cryptosoft account. We did this transaction with a MasterCard and the deposit was completed in seconds.

  1. Demo trading with Cryptosoft

Before using real money for trading, we had the option to test the trading robot. This was done with the demo trading feature. After an impressive performance, we proceeded to start our first live trading experience with Cryptosoft.

  1. Making a live trade

Thankfully, this was another fantastic experience. We did a live trading session that lasted 9 hours. This gave us enough time to closely study how trading robots work. We observed that the trading robots could scan the entire cryptocurrency market in seconds. This is why investors with the system get the best deals every day. My team had an outstanding experience with Cryptosoft, the trading process was flawless, and we earned a profit after it ended. This was our proof that every user can make a daily profit with Cryptosoft.

Conclusion: An outstanding software for beginners and professionals.
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Features of the Cryptosoft Trading Platform

Payout system

We checked the payout system after our live trading session. It works fast, after each trading session, the earnings are calculated and the payout is completed.

Verification System

There is a smart verification system on Cryptosoft that keeps user information and funds secure.

Withdrawal of funds

Cryptosoft offers all users a fast withdrawal process. Our withdrawal request was completed in 24-hours.

Service charge

The trading system takes a small percentage from the investors’ profits after a trading session ends. The service charge is calculated through a transparent process and it is always accurate.

User Testimonials

So many people have used Cryptosoft to become very rich. We read the testimonials page; it is packed with positive reviews from investors who earn passively with Cryptosoft.

Customer Service

The customer service system works 24/7; we tested it to confirm that users can get fast and reliable support. It works perfectly.


The Cryptosoft brokers monitor the trading activities and help to ensure that all users earn a profit daily.

Who can use Cryptosoft?

We can confirm that the auto trader is user-friendly and it has simple features that work. Everyone can start making money with Cryptosoft from the first day they register an account.

Here are some tips to help new users make money with the system

Invest your free money

Don’t put in all your life savings into the cryptocurrency market. It is best to start small, invest the minimum deposit of $250 and make more money as your capital grows.

Follow the market trends

Find some time to read about the big investments in the cryptocurrency market. That’s the time to trade more to earn a lot of money.

Use the demo trading feature

Always seek more understanding about auto trading; you can get useful information by studying the demo trading feature.

Trade every day

Your profits will grow when you trade daily. You only need to spend as little as 20 minutes to use the auto trader daily.

Is there a Cryptosoft mobile app

There is no mobile app for Cryptosoft at the moment. The automated trading platform can be used with any web browser on your smartphone, laptops or other connected devices.

Cryptosoft Review: Conclusion

We concluded that Cryptosoft is as good as the currency investors’ claim. It is a fast auto trading system that can be used to earn a profit every day.

We are impressed with how fast the trading processes are done on the platform. Cryptosoft is also secure. We used the auto trader, made a profit and withdrew our earnings without any problems. We encourage our readers to start making money from the cryptocurrency market today, with Cryptosoft.

Conclusion: An outstanding software for beginners and professionals.
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How can I get started with Cryptosoft?

It is easy, open an account, make a deposit and activate the live trading feature. Then you start making money with the auto trader.

Is there a fee to join?

No, it is completely free to open a Cryptosoft account.

Is there a training program before trading Bitcoin?

No, with Cryptosoft, all you need to do is make a deposit and start trading with your account, the trading robots do all the work.

How much can I make with Cryptosoft daily?

We know that there are traders who make over $5,000 daily, however, start small, and grow your capital in a few months.