Clinical Protocol


Phagoburn clinical trial started in July 2015 (read the official press release).The finalised study synopsis is available online.

This randomised and monitored phase I/II single-blind trial is being conducted in 11 major burns units in France, Switzerland and Belgium (sponsor: Pherecydes):

  • Percy Military Hospital (France) – project coordinator,
  • Reine Astrid Hospital in Brussels (Belgium),
  • Vaudois CHU (Switzerland),
  • Sainte-Anne Military Hospital in Toulon (France),
  • Liège teaching hospital (CHU) (Belgium),
  • Grand-Hôpital of Charleroi-Loverval (Belgium),
  • St. Joseph/St. Luc Hospital in Lyon (France),
  • Nantes CHU (France),
  • Bordeaux CHU (France),
  • Metz-Thionville regional hospital (France),
  • Marseille Conception hospital (France).

The study includes two arms of 110 patients each:

  • One arm for burn wounds infected by Escherichia coli,
  • The other arm for burn wounds infected by Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

The effect of the bacteriophages cocktails is compared to a reference antibiotic treatment (silver sulfadiazine).

The Primary Outcome Measure is the time for bacteria reduction adjusted on antibiotic treatment; the Secondary Outcome Measures are the assessment of treatment tolerance, the incidence on delay of infection reduction with different bacterial species from the targets, and the number of sites cured.


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